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Early Excelsior Profile Stanley 9-3/4 Type 1

Early Excelsior Profile Stanley 9-3/4 Type 1

2 Responses to Contribute

  1. Donald Excell says:

    Hello I wasn’t sure where to leave a comment, well question really I have a bailey no 8 plane with out irons or a lever! Is this still a desirable object? Also was the name Preston ever linked to Bailey/Stanley planes? Total novice Don.


    • Bryant says:

      Bailey no. 8 planes are always desirable! You can find the missing parts on eBay or tool swap meets. It will be worth the investment to replace the missing parts with period correct parts, but you could sell it as is if you’re not interested in keeping it.

      Preston was an English manufacturer of planes, but there was no association with Stanley. There is a Stanley Preston J Iron Works in NH today, but that appears to be a new and unrelated business to the Stanley company we all know and love.

      Welcome to the world of Vintage tools!


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