Services Offered

Virginia Toolworks provides identification, valuation, and restoration services for an eclectic variety of items, including hand tools, firearms, and photographs.  Please contact me for more information and specific pricing.


Vintage Tools

Includes archival cleaning and rust removal, and tuning and sharpening (if desired).  Rough estimates are provided below.  Contact me for an exact quote.

Block Planes – $40 to $75*
Bench Planes – $50 to $80*
Most other tools – $25 to $100*
Sharpening Only – $20 to $30 (planes irons & chisels)

*Replacement parts (if required) and return shipping are additional.


Includes high resolution scanning and digital restoration (color and exposure correction, damage and scratches, etc.) using Photoshop CS6.  Please see the Photographic Restoration page for examples.

Prices start at $50.

Other Restoration

Have something else not listed and are not sure where to turn?  Let’s discuss!

Identification & Valuations (Appraisals)

Tool Identification

Virginia Toolworks provides simple assistance identifying tools for a nominal charge of $10 per tool.  Just email a description of your tool and include a few good photos to  You can pay via the Contribution link provided or via personal check by mail.  This covers the time I spend researching for you.  For more information, please see the Identification page.

Identification Rate – $10 per tool

Valuations (Appraisals) & Research

I provide written valuations* (estimated retail value) and research at a rate of $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.  This includes any research required as well as document preparation and delivery.  A large collection of 40 or 50 tools can easily take 6-8 or more hours to complete.

Valuations Rate – $50 per hour (one hour minimum)

*Please note that retail valuations provide the estimated value of a tool sold on the retail market (to collectors or end users).  If selling on the wholesale market to dealers or resellers, you can expect to get approximately 25% to 30% of retail value in most cases.  Remember, they are in business to make money too.  They can’t do that if paying full retail prices.

For more information about valuations, please see the Valuations/Appraisals page under Services.


2 Responses to Services Offered

  1. Thom denny says:

    I have an old mining pick that’s never been used I would like it restored I can send pictures.


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