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I have several tools to list over the next month or so, so please check back often or visit the Virginia Toolworks eBay page.  Click on the header(s) to view each active listing.

STANLEY BAILEY NO. 2C Smoothing Plane, Type 8 (1899-1902)


Very Rare and Very Fine!

033 SB2C Type 8 - 1From my own collection I have listed for sale a very fine and rare Stanley Bailey No. 2C (Corrugated) Smooth Plane.  This plane appears to be a Type 8 dating from 1899 to 1902.  The iron is nearly full length with the Q trademark stamp.  This plane has been in my own personal collection at Virginia Toolworks since 2008, and appears to be in exceptional original condition (meaning unrestored).  As you probably know, the no. 2C is one of the rarest of all Stanley planes.  This one is an excellent collector’s show plane and that is why I am asking a premium for it.  Note that the shipping cost includes insurance, which is why it will appear high!

033 SB2C Type 8 - 5

The body casting is free of cracks, chips, and breaks.  The cheeks, sole, and exposed metal surfaces have a very nice medium gray patina with some color mottling.  The mouth is flawless.  The plane bed has very close to 100% of the original japanning remaining, just a couple of minor abrasions to the rib behind the knob.   All of the fastening and adjustment hardware are clean and free of crud and corrosion.   The tote and knob are beautiful on this plane with no chips, cracks or breaks and very few scars.  The tote is especially pristine with virtually no indication of wear.  It is slightly loose, but can easily be tightened by grinding off a millimeter or so of the tote bolt (if you so choose).  All knobs and adjustment features work perfectly.

I have not done any cleaning or restoration since I’ve owned this plane.  I don’t know its origin or if anything was done or replaced in the past, but it appears to be in original condition, complete with dusty inside corners.  As with all vintage Stanley planes, this one is far superior in quality and workmanship to those sold today.  Too valuable for the workshop, this beautiful plane would make an outstanding display highlight in any collection.


EXCEPTIONAL STANLEY BED ROCK #605C Jack Plane, (1912-1921) (SOLD)


You Have to See the Photos of This One!

317 SBR605C Type 6 Post 1

Listed for sale is an exceptionally fine Stanley Bed Rock no. 605C (corrugated) Jack Plane. This plane is a Type 6 (Bed Rock Type Study) dating from approximately 1912-1921.  The plane bed is marked with 2 patent dates behind frog, “PAT’D. APR. 2. 95″ & APR. 19. 10”  The V trademark stamp on the iron is very crisp. This plane is freshly sharpened, tuned for use, and ready to go to work, although it’s so unusually nice it deserves a spot in a showcase!

This plane is spectacular. Look closely at the photos – you won’t find a 605C much nicer than this, and this one dates right in the sweetest era for Bed Rock planes!

Vintage SARGENT #507 Rabbet Block Plane VERY FINE & VERY RARE (SOLD)


Very Rare and Very Fine – From the Virginia Toolworks Collection!

316 Sargent 507 Post 1Listed  for sale is a very fine and uncommon Sargent no. 507 Rabbet Block Plane.  The no. 507 is unusual plane made from 1913 to 1947 and I believe this one dates from the early 1940s based on the trademark on the iron and the nickel plated lever cap. This is fairly rare plane and unique in that neither Stanley nor any of Sargent’s other major competitors made a comparable model.

This plane has been in my own personal collection at Virginia Toolworks. It is in excellent condition and is an exceptional collector’s show plane!



V. NICE STANLEY BAILEY #7 Jointer Plane, Type 19 (1948-61) (SOLD)

310 SB7 Type 19 Post 2Listed for auction is a beautiful old Stanley Bailey no. 7 Jointer Plane. This plane is a Type 19 dating from approximately 1948-1961. The plane bed is marked Made in USA while the full length iron is marked Stanley Made in England and appears to be a later replacement. This plane is freshly sharpened, tuned for use, and ready to go to work.

STANLEY BAILEY #4C Smooth Plane, Type 9 (1902-1907) (SOLD)

308 SB4C Type 9 Post 12Up for auction is a beautiful old Stanley Bailey no. 4C (Corrugated) Smoothing Plane. This plane is a Type 9 dating from approximately 1902-1907. The bed is marked with two patent dates, MAR-25-02, AUG-19-02, ‘Bailey’ at toe, and has straight frog rib of the Type 9. The iron is marked with the Stanley BB trademark stamp. This plane is freshly sharpened, tuned for use, and ready to go to work.

STANLEY GAGE #G7 Jointer Plane, Type 2 (1924-30) (SOLD)

306 Stanley Gage G7 Type 2 Post 1

Listed for sale is a particularly fine old Stanley Gage No. G7 Jointer Plane.  This plane is a Type 2 (Gage Type Study) dating from approximately 1924-1930. The body casting is free of cracks, chips, and breaks.  This plane is display worthy, but is freshly sharpened and ready to go to work if you desire! 

STANLEY BAILEY #5-1/2C Jack Plane, Type 9 (1902-07) (SOLD)

302 SB5.5C Type 9 Post 4Listed at a fixed price is a beautiful vintage Stanley Bed Rock No. 5-1/2C (Corrugated) “Jumbo Jack” Plane.  This plane is a Type 9, dating from about 1902 to 1907.  The bed is marked with two patent dates MAR-25-02, AUG-19-02 and pre-dates the frog adjustment screw.  The iron is marked with a correct Q trademark stamp; it is almost used up but still has a usable edge.  This plane is in great  working condition, freshly sharpened and ready to go to work!




4 Responses to For Sale

  1. DENNIS J. BAILEY says:

    I have a BAILEY S BLOCK PLANE NO. 4 with the name BAILEY name only, I was would like to know how much its worth


  2. Mike Staudacher says:

    Hello I have a Stanley No. 6 Type 7 from the late 1800’s era the sole is dead flat and is in awesome condition would you have any idea its value…Thanks.


    • Bryant says:

      It’s completely dependent upon condition. I recommend checking recent completed sales on eBay to determine current market value.


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