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Buying & Using Tools

Select the Best Hand Plane for the Job
Setting Up and Tuning a Hand Plane
What to Look For When Buying Vintage Hand Planes
Condition – The Eye of The Seller


Coming soon  – You’re going to want to see this!


Stanley Planes – Brief History
Stanley vs. Bailey – A Short History

Sweetheart Era Tools
Stanley Trademark Stamps


Dictionary of Bench Plane Parts and Terms
Understanding Type Studies
Corrugated Planes

Planes – Millers Falls

History and Specifications

Planes – Sargent

The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide for Collectors and Woodworkers
Sargent Bench Planes Identification Guide. The #400/#5400/#1400 Series

Planes – Stanley

The Best Bench Plane for the Job
Stanley’s Magnificent Other Block Planes (15, 16, 17, 19)
Stanley Low Angle Block Planes
The Two Recommended Block Planes
Specifications and Type Studies
Block Planes Demystified
Gage Plane History & Type Study
Stanley Trademark Stamps

Restoration and Preservation

Archival Tool Preservation – Cleaning and Tuning
Restoration & Preservation of Hand Plane Totes and Knobs 
The Restoration of Old Hand Planes
Salvaging Pitted Plane Irons

Resources and Links

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