Millers Falls

A Very Brief History

Millers Falls was established in 1868 as the Millers Falls Manufacturing Co.  Early products included bit braces and wooden handle tool holders with interchangeable bits. Over the years they also made shop machines, including table saws, scroll saws, lathes, drill presses, sanders, and bench grinders, as well as popular lines of hand tools such as planes and eggbeater drills.  Hand planes were not introduced until 1929.

In 1872, Millers Falls Manufacturing Co. merged with the Backus Vise Company to form the Millers Falls Company.

In 1931, the Goodell-Pratt Co. merged with the Millers Falls Co.  The Goodell-Pratt Company was originally established as the Goodell Brothers in 1888 by two former employees of Millers Falls, Albert D. Goodell and Henry E. Goodell.  The merger brought Goodell-Pratt’s high quality drills, calipers, braces, and levels to Millers Falls.

In 1962 the company was acquired by Ingersoll-Rand Corp. In the mid-1970s they announced their intentions to move out of the state of Massachusetts.  Eager to incent them to stay, the state responded with a package of tax incentives, bonds, loans, and wage cuts that funded a new plant in Deerfield, MA in 1978.  In 1982, Ingersoll-Rand sold the Millers Falls business to the newly-created Millers Falls Tool Co., headquartered in Alpha, NJ.

For a complete and thorough account of the Millers Falls company history and products, please refer to Randy Roeder’s definitive Millers Falls website.

Plane Specification Charts

Millers Falls Bench Plane Chart
Millers Falls Block Plane Chart
Cross Reference Chart

5 Responses to Millers Falls

  1. Robert nieto says:

    I’m trying to find an old arbor for a bench grinder it looks to be a 1/2 or a 9/16 shaft with 2 sides for attachments. It also has a pulley inthe middle for a separate motor. This arbor has 4 holes in its base to bolt down to a table.


  2. I love to find the Goodall Pratt or Millers Falls hand drills at garage sales. I can often find one or two a year.

    check our a picture of the few hand drills I have. Millers Falls Hand Drills



  3. Ricardo Daniel says:

    I was given an anvil 15 years ago which has the company’s name and it has that it was ( PAT. JULY 29, 1878 ). Just want to know if this anvil was made at this company ?


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