Greatest Table Saw Quote Ever

I was doing some research today and ran across the following quote on by a guy named Jonathan McCullough.  Dating back to 2010, it is quite simply the grandest description I’ve ever read of the table saw beast, and I thought it too good not to share.  So Jonathan, whoever you are and wherever you are, here’s to you!

“I wish someone would pop up at my door with a pickup truck saying how much they wanted a table saw.  No doubt. Mine is powerful, well tuned, has all sorts of doodads, and I hate it. Hate It. It’s dangerous and spews out a choking cloud of microfine particles. It dominates the garage like a cast iron miasma of self reproach, with tendrils reaching out and stinking up the place with all sorts of jigs and crap that take up even more room.”



About Bryant
Bryant is a business management and organizational development executive with over 20 years’ experience focused on financial and operational efficiencies, talent development and optimization, improved employee engagement, and cultural alignment of teams within the organization. He has diverse experience in successful financial and strategic planning, brand management, leadership analysis and talent development, as well as designing and executing improvements to teams’ cultural efficacy and organizational alignment. Bryant has experience in both International Public S&P 500 Corporate and Non-Profit Sectors, and also runs his own entrepreneurial business venture, a consulting company specializing in helping small businesses and organizations improve operational efficiency, leadership development, and employee engagement . Bryant holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA).

5 Responses to Greatest Table Saw Quote Ever

  1. Anonymous says:

    Best description of a tablesaw ever. Why do we own them?


  2. billlattpa says:

    I am not a table saw worshipper but I would be the last to deny it’s usefulness. There are certain projects I’ve completed that I simply would not have been able to do otherwise, at least not without buying more tools. Being a weekend hobbyist who only gets maybe 5 or 6 hours a month in the shop, the table saw actually allows me to actually make furniture and not spend much of my shop time just preparing stock.
    To each is own I guess. I don’t fault woodworkers who use nothing but hand tools the same way I don’t fault woodworkers who use power tools. I personally use both.


    • Bryant Rice says:

      I completely agree, and suspect this quote was made (at least a little) tongue in cheek. I don’t personally own a table saw, but not because I’m a hand tool purist (I’m not). It’s mainly because I don’t really require one for the types of projects I typically undertake, and quite honestly, I don’t have room for one anyway. But I do have a number of other power tools that I use regularly, both large and small.

      You have to admit, that’s a pretty colorful quote coming from a guy who does (or did) own one!


      • billlattpa says:

        It is a good quote. And I think that table saws are super dangerous. I’ve always said that pushing a board into a 10″ blade spinning at 3600rpm borders on stupidity. But it does serve it’s purpose right or wrong. I just wish he would have posted his address. If he was close enough I may just take him up on the offer.


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