Tool Profile – The Stanley Bailey no. 2C Plane

033 SB2C Type 8 - 1

Stanley Bailey no. 2C Smoothing Plane, Type 8 (c. 1899-1902)

The diminutive Stanley no. 2 plane has long been a collector’s favorite, second only to the tiny no. 1 in its appeal among bench planes. Produced from 1869 to 1961 and measuring just 7 inches long with a 1-5/8″ iron, this smoothing plane is useful for working smaller pieces or in confined spaces.

The corrugated version of the no. 2, designated the no. 2C, was never a popular model. Although offered from 1898 to 1943, comparably few were actually produced, making this one of the rarest of Stanley planes. The corrugations were provided to help reduce friction. Whether or not they actually help, or were a marketing gimmick, is debatable, but the feature was more popular on the larger bench planes than on the no. 2.

033 SB2C Type 8 - 5

The corrugated sole of the rare Stanley no. 2C

The no. 2C shown here is part of my personal collection and is currently offered for sale for a limited time.


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8 Responses to Tool Profile – The Stanley Bailey no. 2C Plane

  1. Kinderhook88 says:

    I thought I read somewhere that the corrugations were meant to make flattening the sole easier.


    • Bryant says:

      While they do make flattening the sole somewhat easier due to the reduced surface area, that wasn’t the intended reasoning behind Stanley’s decision to offer corrugated soles.

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  2. jazzersten says:

    On the 2C by Stanley, did it have a plain lever cap or the Stanley logo? Perhaps it depends on the year produced? My Stanley 602 has “Bedrock” on the lever cap. How much is your 2C if you can say?


  3. Steven says:

    Stanley rule and level 1876 plane number 122. It has a liberty Bell on the clamp. New Britain Conn. And an eagle. Stanley rule level blade . Would you have any information on it. It’s a transition plane. Owned by G.Carlson.


  4. Anonymous says:

    ring me please 0414 324 101 i wanted to buy that 2c


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